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VOTE for what you want to hear on our Twitch Channel

We live stream new beats almost every night at midnight on the Electo Electro Twitch Channel. Is there a phrase from one of the candidates you'd like us to make a song about? Vote for what you want to hear next. We'll do our best to build a beat around it. It must be a video. We will not accept a suggestion that is audio only.


Do you want to build your own beat? Scroll down for a tablature-based ballot.


Thanks for voting!

Tablature-Based Ballot 

Do you want to make your own beat? We don't have a web-based interface, but you can fill out a pdf tablature ballot and email it back to us at Yes, we realize that this is completely absurd. 

Having trouble with the pdf fields? Print out the form, fill it out by hand, take a picture with your phone, and email us the photo. And yes, we understand that this is even more absurd. 

Want to suggest a vocoder melody? We don't play piano, but we sort of read music. Sort of. If you'd like to write something absurdly simple for us, we will try to play it. Probably very very badly. 

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